Terry Flynn Tours - The Personal Touch

Ireland has become one of the most popular destination in Europe with so much choice of history, culture and the most wonderful scenery. Terry Flynn Tours have been planning personalised travel on the island of Ireland for individuals, family groups and large groups with special interests. Terry Flynn Tours are one of the most experienced hands on tour planners on Ireland. 2015 will be a special year as our company will celebrate 50 years in the Ireland tourism industry.

This has become a wonderful adventure for me as founder of the company.
Terry Flynn Tours
P.S. Email me direct at terry@terryflynntours.com for the best advice on travel to Ireland!

Escorted Tours
Ireland seems small to most people but because it has so much to offer its visitors it takes that extra time to tour and include the features that create memories.
Chauffeur Drive
Driving in Ireland can be very daunting. Our roads are often very narrow, we drive on the left of the road and sometimes you may wish to sit back and enjoy the beautiful countryside.
Self Drive
Terry Flynn Tours self drive program is designed for those who like to travel un-escorted, at their own pace and who enjoy staying in local homes. There is no better way to meet Irish people.