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Customized Tours
Travel Agents and Group Leaders

For  almost 50  years Terry Flynn Tours has been using its extensive knowledge of Ireland to produce customized tours of all sizes and interests, which is our speciality. Every tour is different and customized to you and your groups particular needs from every aspect of your program. From the very beginning we are with you every step of the way, during the planning, selling and delivery of your tour and can make changes where necessary and allow that flexibility during the tour should it be needed to enable us to provide you with your dream tour.

All accommodations used from B&B’s through to 5* hotels or castles is fully approved and known by us to provide the standard we expect for our clients. We also regularly check for new products and locations to ensure that everything is right for your group.

We can provide any type of touring vehicle with a driver-guide, from a mini touring coach to a full size deluxe touring coach so that that way the vehicle matches the size of your group and ensures that you have the perfect comfort at the most suitable and economic price.  

Travel Agents

We at Terry Flynn Tours are with you to support you every step of the way, no matter what your client may be looking for in a vacation to Ireland. From individual travelers on a self drive to small chauffeur parties or large groups, we are here to answer your queries and clients requests/questions either in our Head Office in Tipperary or our sales office in Minnesota. We always provide a 24 hour emergency contact number for one of our team while your clients are in Ireland so that should they have any questions or difficulties there is somebody there to help them along the way.

We deal with every request fast and efficiently so you are not delayed in getting back to your client. We provide you with an efficient service from start to finish that you expect for your clients that will keep them coming back to you their agent because they know they receive the type of service that sets you apart.  



Thank you for what I think is one of the best trips I have been on with our company in 23 years.  The team said it was the best ever!  Thank you for everything! Brad

Brad Schumacher, Kansas, USA
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