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Suggested Routing


Terry Flynn ToursTo help you with planning we have provided some suggested routings. They are by no means definitive and can be mixed with each other to provide you with the vacation you desire.

They are a guideline to help you make the most of your time and see what you might like to do in Ireland.

As we mentioned on the planning page, depending on how long your vacation is, there are 3 different options available.

As part of your planning, depending on how long you have, we suggest that when booking your air, possibly flying into one airport and out of another, like into Dublin and out of Shannon or vice versa.

If you have 6-8 nights in Ireland then we recommend that you draw an imaginary line from Galway to Dublin and do either north of that or south of that line. If you have longer then you can do a full circuit.

For those who like a slower pace of life and rugged coastal scenery that we have suggested a 10 day west coast itinerary.

We are happy to answer any questions you might have with the routings and the planning of your trip at any stage.

[ Northern Route ]

[ Southern Route ]

[ Into the West Route ]



Just a note to tell you what a fabulous time we had.  I was so spoiled by the whole thing I'll never be able to take a regular bus tour again!!!

Linda White, USA
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