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Planning your Vacation

Ireland seems small to most people, but because it has so much to offer its visitors it takes that extra time to tour and include the features that create memories.

There is so much to see and do and to get quality time and value from your vacation planning ahead is essential. The first thing is to sit down and think about what you might like to see and do, it doesn't have to be specific if you are unsure, just a general idea like castles, gardens, coastal scenery and areas you might like to visit.

Some of the activities you might like to include: Fishing, golfing, equestrian and cooking.

The next thing is to look at the duration of your vacation, see how long you have and what can be fitted into that time comfortably. Remember if you are driving in Ireland that however long you think it is going to take you - IT WILL TAKE LONGER!!

Generally we suggest the following as a good guideline:

If you have 6 - 8 nights in Ireland we suggest that you take the map and draw a line from Dublin to Galway and cut the country in half. Once you have done this you have two options;

North of the line from Dublin up and around to Galway or vice Versa

South of the line from Dublin down and around to Galway or Vice Versa

We would also suggest looking at flying into one airport and out of the other like into Dublin and out of Shannon or vice versa. This will give you a better use of your time and generally there is no extra cost or if there is, it is negligible.

If you have 10 nights or more then you can cover both sides of the line and do a full circuit if you wish or just spend more time at the things you like.



Hi Terry and company,

One week ago, Michael took most of us to the Dublin airport after an adventurous and exciting two weeks of Irish culture by Terry Flynn Tours.  I believe the naughty fairies below those big winds out way but it did not dampen our spirits nor result in canceling any plans.  It only succeeded in creating marvelous clouds and ocean waves resulting in spectacular photos.

Everyone raved about George and Michael who shepherded us around the Emerald Isle in the new coach.  Their witty jokes, facts and figures gave us valuable insights about Ireland, the culture, the humor and especially history.  Please convey our appreciation to both of them.

The hotels and the B&B were very fine, the meals, delicious and the tours extremely interesting.  Of course, most meaningful for Friendship Force "Ambassadors", was meeting people on a personal level.  We value the time spent with the lovely folks of Carrick on Suir.  It would be marvelous if a Friendship Force chapter might evolve from the seeds of friendship that were sown that evening with the dancers and with Marian Hearn during our excellent cooking lesson.

We appreciate the effort that you and your staff put into making this trip such a huge success.  It was a pleasure to meet everyone.

Prepare to be invaded this August at Milwaukee's Irish Fest when a group of over-sized leprechauns appear at your booth but don't expect us to dance a jig! 

Many thanks!

Donna and Doris

Donna and Doris - FF - Greater Milwaukee
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